Wednesday, September 30, 2015

From Greenwich Area to Harbour City Area

               Good day all! how are yous ? how was life out there at home and at the mission ? Hope that you are all doing good and great out there wherever you are. I am still doing good here in the mission and I've been loving it here so much in the mission. 

- with the Montanez Family.

- with the Timperley Family.
- Australian Flag!

- with the Hill Family.

- just taking photos after our zone training meeting.

- someone got a birthday today!
Elder Lamipeti!

- a dinner appointment with Nancy at the Paparich ( Malaysian Cuisine)

- at the Ben and Jerry Ice cream with Nancy.

- with the Tran Family and Sis. Ziesel

Actually, I got transferred to my last area here in the mission last Monday the 10th of August 2015. I am serving right now here in  Greenwich Ward/ Harbour Stake and they said that it is a Chinese Ward and most of the people in our area are Asian people. My new companion right now is Elder Clemente and he is also from the Philippines and he got like 2 weeks left in the mission right now so it means that I'm gonna have a new companion again this September. 

- my first Filipino companion who is Elder Clemente.

- with Sister Guzman and Sebastian.

- the Greenwich District!

- The Ryde Chapel ( Chinese-Mandarin speaking members).

- at the Eastwood Train Station.

When we moved into Greenwich ward, my companion and I were both new to the area so it means that we need to work on finding people to teach and  also build up our teaching pool. They said that Greenwich area is a promised land because most missionaries who served in this area had found success with baptisms and people to teach with. I hope that I could also find great success in this area and be able to find those people who are searching for the truth.

- at the Chatswood Library.

- at the Chatswood Train Station.

- The Greenwich Chapel!

- at the Buckland House with Elder Clemente and Sister Metta.

- with Elder Musters.

- Just taking photos at the Milsons point train station with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
- "Frank" the big bear.

              Time flies so fast in the mission and right now I got like 11 weeks left in the mission. I can't even believe that I'm finishing my mission soon but still a lot of work to do in here in the Lord's mission. My mission had played a great role in my life and it helps me to put my trust in the Lord and to build up my faith on the Lord Jesus Christ. Hope that you  will all have a great week this time. Take care always and love you heaps! :D ..

- with Elder Tematafaarere.

-with Elder Byun.

-Balmoral beach in Mosman.

- With Elder Clemente.

- with Elder Brown, Elder Clemente and Elder Arima.

- this is Elder Clemente's last night with us.

- with Elder Brown.

- tri-companionship with Elder Arima and Elder Brown.


G'day G'day from Sydney Australia! This transfer has been really crazy for me with the things that has been happening on me. Last August 10,2015 , I was transferred to another area with Elder Clemente who is finishing that time by 3 weeks and one thing is that we are both new to the areas that we are serving. It was kind of fun being shot gun to another area and then when Elder Clemente left, I stayed with Elder Arima and Brown which is in the same ward that I'm serving with. I had Elder Clemente for 3 weeks and then the other Elders for 1 week in Greenwich ward. Last 2 Sundays ago, my companion got a call from our mission president telling me that he is planning on transferring me again into another area. I was kind of scared that time knowing that I'm getting transferred and something that I did is just to pray and then asked for  guidance to our Heavenly Father.

- at the Cogee Beach.

- The Harbour South Zone Missionaries.

- with Boa and 
Yan lin.

- someone got caught taking selfie.

- this is me with my new companion Elder Despain.

- just eating sushi for dinner.

- You are PERFECT! 
Keep smiling! :D

- with Ali, Steve and Elder Despain.
- at the English Class at Hyde Park Chapel.

- with Nancy and Elder Despain.

On that Monday morning, I got a call from our mission president telling me the same thing but he give two options. The first one was that I'm still staying on my area with my new companion and then the 2nd one was to serve into another area with the other Elder. I was kind of shocked that time, but one thing that I said is that I'll go where you want me to go president Checketts! Our mission president told that he is sending me downtown  Sydney which is in the city. I am serving right now here in the Harbour YSA Ward and this is my 2nd week in here which is really cool . We had a transfer meeting next week and I think that I'm gonna finished my mission in this area or probably got transfer again into another area. We went to the temple this week which is wonderful and then after that we went to the mission office to eat some fruits out there. I just got my departure ticket this week which is really scary and I just realized that I'm finishing my mission soon. My mission is really a  great place to learn and gain experienced for me and it has been a wonderful journey for me to be here in the mission.

- morning run to the Sydney Opera House.

- The
Sydney Harbour Bridge.

- The Sydney Opera House.
- this is me with Elder Despain.

- The City District missionaries.

- Our Temple P-day with the 
Harbour South Zone missionaries.

- I just got my departure packet which is really sad!

- games night at the Hyde Park Chapel.

- City District dinner with the missionaries, senior missionaries and ward missionaries.

- with the City District Missionaries.

- with Elder and Sister Henderson.

- with Elder and Sister Asplund.

 - Just doing some cool moves 
with the other Elders in the district.

I hope that you are all doing good and great out there at home. I'm looking forward on seeing yous all again but I'm not that excited yet to go home. Hope you all had a great week this time and you may all find missionary opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Take care  always and I love you all heaps!!! :D