Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baptismal Date

                      My core experienced with God this week comes with working with our investigators Candice and Lekisha and also with our member present who is Bro. Bill. Last Sunday, we did visit Candice and Lekisha with our ward mission leader and then set up an appointment with them for Tuesday for a lesson with the whole family. We planned on teaching them about the Plan of Salvation as it is the best lesson that would create a great impact to their life knowing that Candice loosed her best friend and that Lekisha missed her grandma so much. We also told Bro. Bill that time about our lesson so that he would know what to do during our lesson and we also asked him to share his own personal testimony about the plan of Salvation.

- The Mount Druitt District/
Hebersham Zone.

- with Elder Sloan, Elder Ialulu, Elder Cruz, Sister Kale and Sister Pak.

- with Elder Lelenoa and Elder Tangulu at the back.

- with Sister Kale from Tonga.

- With Sister Piutau, Sister Pak, Sister Nonu, Sister Vaiho, Elder Cruz and Sister Kale.

- after our Didtrict meeting .. Just taking photos before we all got transfer.

- with Sister Piutau, Sister Pak, Sister Mapuhi, Sister Wilson, Elder Sloan, Elder Kaufusi and Sister Kale.

- Pizza time at the kitchen.

                                The day came and we were able to have Bro. Bill as our member present and be able to work with him for 4 hours during that day. We went visiting our investigators and less-actives while waiting for the time to meet up with Candice and Lekisha. The time came and we then went to Candice and Lekisha's house, seeing that there is no car in the house. We thought that there is no one in the house but still we walk towards the home and knocked on the door. We had been praying for them that day with Bro. Bill that Spirit would be there with us and that we may extend a baptismal invitation with them being guided by the Spirit. We knocked on the door and we were so happy that they were just inside the house and that their car are being fixed at this moment that's why they don't have the car. We then get to know them well and introduced Bro. Bill as our member present. We then went inside the house and then started our lesson with using the 'How to Begin Teaching' and then introduced the lesson which is the Plan of Salvation. They did really asked heaps of questions to us and we were able to answer it all. Our lesson did really went great with them having our member present and also having the Spirit with us that time when teaching. 

- at the Oscar's place for lunch.

- Welcome to DOONSIDE.

- Doonside Area.

- at the New Zealand Garden.

- this is Elder Sloan from New Zealand.

- Chang Lai Garden.

The Spirit is the most important single element in this work. With the Spirit magnifying our call, you can do miracles for the Lord in the mission field. Without the Spirit, you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability ( President Ezra Taft Benson). At the middle part of our lesson, we invited them to come to church and the mom said 'yes' and she even invited her kids to come to church with her this Sunday. The kids also said 'yes' and I could see that they were sincere that time having the Spirit in our lesson. And at the very end of our lesson, we extend the baptismal invitation with Candice and Lekisha and with the help of the Spirit they both said 'YES' . We then set a baptismal date with them and when I look at them, they were really happy and with a smile on their faces. Knowing for myself that they want to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone who is holding the Priesthood authority of God.

- Sister Pak and Sister Kale.

- at the Chinese Garden in our area in Doonside.

- this is me and my  companion Elder Sloan.

- with Elder Sloan and Sister Pak.

- at the bridge just taking photo of it.

- Elder Sloan, Elder Cecilio, Sister Pak and Sister Kale.

- after our New Arrivals Training 2.
- at the Sydney Australia Temple.

- The Humility posed.

- at the Carlingford Road while waiting for our bus to Epping train station.

- with Elder Sloan, Sister Jimmy, Sister Vaiho, Sister Nonu, Sister Herrera, Sister Edwards, Elder Cruz and Elder Tangulu.

- with Elder Cruz, Sister Edwards, Sister Nonu, Sister Vaiho and Sister Mariano.

- All the trainers and trainee in our zone at the train back to our own areas.

-Sister Vaiho, Sister Nonu and Elder Cruz.

- The Blacktown Worker's Club.

- dinner time! at the Blacktown Worker's Club with the Simi Family.

- last good byes to Sister Kale 
and Sister Brown.

                               This week has been great for me and my companion even the weather this week wasn't good but still the work is still on. We had been finding heaps of miracles and success in our area with the help of our ward mission leader and the ward council. My companion and I had been working hard everyday and because of that the Lord had blessed us with miracles of doing missionary work. My best practice as Teaching as Jesus taught is by teaching with the Spirit. We know that the Spirit is the most important element in everything that we do and without the Spirit we cannot teach. I also learned that we can touch people lives by sharing short, simple and powerful statements with them. Something that I will  intend to do better so that the mission will be in good shape for the new mission president is being a freely obedient missionary. Being freely obedient is not hard to do as long as you serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength for the work of the Lord.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Newly Called " Ward Mission Leader"

                We are here to assist our Heavenly Father in His work and His glory 'to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man' ( Moses 1:3 )." Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of your responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere ( President Gordon B.  Hinckley )".  " Member-missionary work is one of the great keys to the individual growth of our members. It is my conviction that member-missionary work will raise the spirituality in any ward where applied" ( Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, 208-9 ).

- A nice beautiful new moon this time.

- with Sister Torres from Philippines. We are on the same stake in the Philippines.

- Sister Kale and Sister Pak.

- with Sister Salvador from the Philippines also.

- with Elder Neilsen from Utah. He is my 2nd companion in the mission.

-Three generations!
Elder Laurenson, Elder Cecilio and Elder Sloan.

- with Sis. Froeming, Sis. Hosea,  
Sister Pak and Sis. Kale                            
                                                                 My core experienced with God this week comes with working with our newly called Ward Mission Leader. Last Sunday which is the 31st of May, when our Bishopric called Bro. Naufahu to be our ward mission leader and it's been 5 months for now waiting for someone to be called as our ward mission leader. I am so glad that time when I know that he is our ward mission leader and I know that we can do great things in the ward with him as we work together in unity with the ward members.  When I meet him last Sunday, he told me that we need to have MCM every week starting this week to discuss something about the ward and out investigators. He also tole me some of the plans that he had for us and for the ward which is really great.

-YES! I got my package from my bestfriend.

- See you after 6 months part!

- at the Doonside Train Station with Elder Cruz from the Philippines.

- just waiting for the train on the way home and to end out trade-off that night.

- I got heaps of Filipino stuffs from my package which is really cool!

- I got a red G-shock watch
from my bestfriend.
                                                                                                    Last Thursday the 4th of June, we had our first Missionary Coordination Meeting with him at his house and we also prepare for that day to discuss our work in the ward and also with our progress record. We started our meeting with a prayer and then he give  the scriptural thought for us which is really great because it did really make sense to us. He then told us with some of his plan and one of it is that every member of the Ward Council in our ward needs to work on with one of their non-member friends or a less-active in the ward which is really a great idea. It would probably help the ward members to do missionary work on their own and with our help full-time missionaries. We also discussed of doing a rescue visit every Saturday with the ward missionaries in our ward and one  of the plan also of our ward mission leader is to ask our Bishopric to call more ward missionaries in the ward. It is really great to call more ward missionaries in our ward and in order for us also missionaries to have more fellowship with our investigators and less-actives in the ward. The MCM that we had with our mission leader really helps me to focus myself on the work of the lord and be able to work well with our ward mission leader .

- At the Chinese Park at Doonside.

- Chang Lai Garden.

- with Elder Cruz at the Chinese Garden.

This week that we had with my companion is such a wonderful week with heaps of miracles that we found this week. I am bless in every thing that I do as missionary because of the members in our ward who are praying and fasting for us everyday. We had seen the hand of the Lord helping us everyday as we talk with everyone and as we work with the ward members. My best practice as "Teaching as Jesus Taught" is that we need to always show gratitude for all the blessings that we had and also with the miracles that we had seen in the mission. I am so grateful for all the members in our ward for the prayer and fasting that they had done for us missionaries. I know that we will found a great result this next month with that prayer and fasting that they had done for us.

- The Sydney Australia Temple.

- this is me with my companion Elder Sloan.

-Elder Cecilio from the Philippines.

- The Sister missionaries of the Hebersham Zone.

- Sister Piutau, Sister Oeti, Sister Vaiho and Sister Nonu.

- with Sister Kale, Sister Pak and Elder Sloan.

- with Elder Lelenoa, Sister Kale and Elder Kaufusi.
- The Elders of the Hebersham Zone.

- this is me with my wonderful mission mom,
Sister Howes.

                     One thing that I will change in my life or in my ministry as a result of Elder Pearson’s zone conference is about the never, never, never rule. This is something that I find helpful in my mission by always remembering the never, never, never rule of Sister Pearson. My companion and I had been trying to always remember this rule in our proselyting and be able to use it in a good way. We had been asking for referral from everyone that we meet including non-members or people that we don't know even. This one would probably help me a lot and my companion to work more with the members, less-actives, part-member families and investigators that we had.