Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Miracle Entry in the Mission

       One of the finding tools that we have as a missionary is using the survey, knocking doors and tracting which is sometimes good and bad. Being here in a area which most of the people are rich and most of them are contented of what they have is not that good but the Lord is really helping us in preparing His people to receive us and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. One day my companion and I decided to survey and tracting at a place which is our first time to be there. We went there and talk to as many people as we can but most of the people did really try to neglect us all the time. We were on the park that time and my companion Elder Neilsen told me that " Elder Cecilio, pick a street on the map that we could go tracting and at that time also I don't have any idea which place to go. My companion and I decided to prayed, after that my companion again told me the same question that he had and I just said; "Okay, let's go to Lemongrove Avenue and tract on that street. We went to that place and started to tract but sad to say that most of the people are not home and most of them are not interested at all. And at the last door that we knocked, I heard that someone is playing a piano and then a Chinese lady open the door and greet us. We introduced ourselves and then our conversation starts about piano cause I also know how to play piano a little bit. She told us that her son is practicing for it and wanna learn to play piano.The time came when she ask about us and about what we are doing as a missionary and we did really answer her questions. She told us that she is also reading some books about Jesus Christ which makes her to search for a Church that she makes her belong on it.
- with Sister Feil as one of our fellowship, Sis. Kaye Guan and Elder Crump.

      She also told us that she has no religion in her own and she also wanted to know about our Church and about God and Jesus Christ. A great opportunity that came to me and my companion that time to share the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and its very a wonderful feeling that I have to share with it. She also asks some questions that time which is so good to really let her understand of what we are teaching to her. We ended up giving her a pamphlet and then we also give her a copy of the Book of Mormon and then we invite her to read, ponder, pray its message if its true and she said that she would love to do it. She also ask us about the Church address and she told us that she would love to come Church and be there.We started up teaching with her at the mission office and a month later she enters into the waters of baptism which is so great. I took some photos with the day that she got baptized so that all of you could also see it.
- Normanhurst Chapel

- Sis. Kaye Guan's baptismal day.

- with Sis. Guan, Sis. Ma and Anlong

-Sis. Kaye Guan

- this is me Elder Cecilio.

- at the Normanhurst Chapel.




- Sis. Guan's baptism.

-with Bro. and Sis. Ma, Sis Guan,

Elder Crump and me Elder Cecilio.

                    Last April 26,2014 was one of the most wonderful time that I have in the mission and which is one of my core experienced with God. The investigator that we found while tracting got baptized and her name is Kaye Guan. I've been very thankful to our Father in Heaven so much because of the things that I have witnessed in the Lord's mission. Seeing miracles in the Lord's mission is such a great kind of experienced that I have and I could really say that the Lord is really preparing His people to receive us and the restored gospel. She is one of the "golden investigators " that we have because of the great desire that she has to learn about Jesus Christ and His gospel. Its also a memorable day for me cause its also my mother's birthday last April 26,2014 and hope that I could just say Happy Birthday to her but probably I will just greet her this Mother's day which will be a good experienced for me also.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Transfer Week

                     I got a call from my zone leaders last Saturday through Elder White saying that I need to pack my things up and it means that I'm getting transferred this time and I don't know where. It is so sad for me to leave  Dural area cause I've been here for likely 7 months and I do really love this area. The Lord has something to do with me in my new area and with my new companion.

                     The day after transfer calls is Sunday and its our missionary fireside at the Baulkham Hills Stake Center. Our zone was assigned to organized the missionary fireside this month and its about the Plan of Salvation. Our zone leaders created a new idea of organizing it and its gonna be a play this time with the Plan of Salvation which is God's plan for the happiness of all His children. I'm so happy that night that we could be as a zone for the last night that we have together. Many of us missionaries in Baulkham Hills Zone will be leaving the zone. Its been a wonderful time for me to serve here in Baulkham Hills Stake / Dural ward so I took some photos for it.

- The Baulkham Hills Zone missionaries with Elder and Sister Feil and one of the Assistant Elder Arona

- Elder Musters (Canada)
- Elder Lang ( USA)
- Elder Escabarte  (Philippines) 
- Elder Kamoto ( Hawaii)

- this is me Elder Cecilio with Elder Arona and with my companion Elder Nalawas.

- with Elder Feil one of the couple missionary in our mission.

- the Sister missionary in our play about the Plan of Salvation.

- this Elder Brown the pianist in our zone.

- some of the Sisters in our mission with Elder Feil.

- some of the Sisters in our mission with President Howes.

- Elders and Sisters in our zone .. the beast .

- this is me with Elder White carrying this couch.

-this is me Elder Cecilio with Elder Dean, Elder Brown, Elder Lowry, Elder Lang and Elder Escabarte.

             Our last night as a zone was so great and I'm gonna missed the Baulkham Hills Zone because of the wonderful zone leaders that we have and the amazing missionaries that I'm serving within the zone.

-with Elder Escabarte ( CDO - Philippines)

-with Elder Escabarte and with Elder White at the back.

-with Elder Piukala at the back.

-this is me with Elder Nalawas , Sister Finau and the other sister at the back and with Elder Simeavao.

-this is me again with Elder Nalawas and Sister Finau.

- some of the missionaries in our zone.

-with Sister Tarie, Sister Kaakau, Elder Musters, Elder Cecilio and Sister Faaimanifo.

-this is me with Elder Keefer.

- it's me again with Sister Lagalaga one of my intake in the New Zealand MTC.

- with Sister Faaimanifo, Sister Lagalaga and with my companion Elder Nalawas.

- this is me with Elder Marsh, Elder Kamoto and one of our zone leader Elder Turi.

-this is me with my Canadian friend
Elder Musters.

-one of my zone leader in Baulkham Hills Zone Elder Turi ( New Caledonia ).

              This is my last night here with the Baulkham Hills missionaries and it's really sad for me to leave this zone. I've been here in the zone for 7 months or 5 transfers and I did really love it here so much . I will really miss this area and the missionaries that I've serve with in the zone.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome to KOALA PARK

        A member in Dural Ward ask us missionaries if we have been to the Koala Park in our area and we just said no and it cost a lot of money to be there also. The member just told us that he would love to bring us all there this week and then a member set a plan for all of us.

The weather this day seems to be odd because it rains a lot but still we decided to go to koala park that day.

- a koala in the eucalyptus tree and we find out that the life span of a koala is only 10 to 12 years.
- A peacock with its beautiful

- An Emu.

- An old man shearing the sheep.
- A koala is a nocturnal animal and they sleep for more than 18 to 20 hours per day.


- It's me Elder Cecilio with the Koala.

-  Some of the sign board at the
Koala Park.

- A fairy little blue penguins which is so cute. 

- this is me at the koala clock which shows 
the time on feeding the koala.

- a picture of two kangaroo.

- its a fact, that kangaroo do also read scriptures with us.

- having some fun feeding some kangaroos at the park.

-with  Elder Nalawas trying to fight with this one kangaroo.

-this is me with this two kangaroo.

                        It's been a wonderful experienced for me to go to Koala Park and to see some of the animals here in Australia.