Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letters to our Mission President

                 My core experienced with God this week comes with working with one of our investigator. We had a good lesson this week with one of our investigator and he told us that he want to change his life and it was so powerful how the Spirit did really soften his heart and be able to listen to us as we talk to him. We were able to share with him the love of our Father in Heaven for him and know that God do really loves him so much. We were able to feel the Spirit so strongly and he even asked us to come back again for a lesson with him again. We had very good ward here in the Doonside Ward and they had been working with us missionaries and the members are really supportive with us and they had been giving us some referrals also. Our investigators are still doing good and right now we had 2 people for baptismal dates at this moment and still we are trying to extend baptismal invitation with our investigators. Something that I learn this week is being able to follow the promptings of the Spirit and being able to persevere in all things. My companion taught me how to persevere in all things and I'm glad that he is my companion. Hope that you will have a great week this time with Sister Checketts. Take care always and I love you both heaps!


Thank you so much for the wonderful email that you've send to us this week and it's really worth it to read. This week has been great for me and with my companion, we had seen such a great success in our area and it's really amazing how the Lord is really helping us with everyone that we had been working with. One of the success that we had seen comes with one of our part-member family in the ward which is the Chineke family. The wife of Bro. Chineke is getting baptized this week and the great thing is that she is really keeping her commitments. We explained to her that making and keeping commitments is a way that will blessed her lives and her family and to show that she is willing to obey our Heavenly Father. She is really excited for her baptism this Saturday and also the ward members which is really great. I could see them being sealed together as a family someday in the temple and being able to enjoy the blessings of the temple. We had been working hard with our members especially the Ward Council and the great thing is that most of the members are inviting their friends for them to learn about the Church and most of them are bringing their friends at Church. One of the part-member family again that we had been working is the Nuku family, who's husband is not a member and has a niece who is not a member but usually come to church with them and enjoys it. The niece told them that she wants to get baptized even though she is still young at age but the desire that she have to be baptized was already there. They are still waiting for the parents permission and after that were gonna work with her and prepare her for her baptism.


My core experienced with God this week comes with working with one of our member who is Bro. Manuaifua and one of his friend who is Peter and who is a non-member. Bro. Manuaifua has been telling us about his missionary experiences and that he had been sharing the gospel to most of his friends at work and of them is Peter. Peter is one of those people who are searching for the truth and when he looks Bro. Manuaifua, he could see a great difference of him between his workmates. He ask Bro. Manuaifua what's the difference between him and his workmates and he then shared the gospel to Peter and he even give him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. 

 One day at work, Peter went to see Bro. Manuaifua to give back the Book of Mormon knowing that he wen to youtube and then found some Anti-Mormon videos which makes him not to have it. But Bro. Manuaifua said to him not to believe on it and then he shared his powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He then invited Peter to come to church on that following week and then ask him to keep the Book of Mormon and then to continue on reading it for himself. He even invited Peter for a dinner on that Sunday night and told him that he would invite us missionaries to help him understand the truth.



On that Sunday afternoon, Peter did really come to church on that Sunday with her daughter and did really love it with the accompany of the members in the ward. The dinner appointment that we have with the Manuaifua family and Peter did really wen good with them. We were able to teach him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to invite him to continue on having us missionaries to know the truth.


After 6 months serving in the Doonside Ward/ Hebersham Stake, the time had come for me to get transferred even though I was hoping to finished my mission in this area for the last 2 transfers that I have in the mission. I am serving right now in the Greenwich Ward/ Harbour Stake and something that I know is that we have the Macquarie university in our area which is really cool. I got a Filipino companion this time for the first time in my mission and his name is Elder Clemente and he got like 3 weeks left in the mission. I am so excited to work in my new area right now and supposing that my companion and I were both new in the area and we gonna do heaps of finding this time.