Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Week Full of Bible Bashing

              My core experienced with God this week comes with building my own foundation in Life who is Jesus Christ and strengthening my own personal testimony about the Church and especially a testimony about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was a tough week for us this time with my companion with heaps of people who tried to Bible bash with us and a lot of people who had said bad things about the Church. Many people tried to stop us with doing this work that we had but something that I do know that this is true and this is not only an ordinary work but this is the Lord's work. I am here to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, to help Him build up His kingdom here on the earth. I am here to help Heavenly Fathers sons and daughters to help them live with Him again. 

- this is me with the Viking sword 
and it's really heavy though ..

            This is one of the experienced that we had last week. We were on the Blacktown train station, when an old couple from Hillsong church tried to stop us and talk with us. Knowing for myself that they will just try to bash us of what we believe. My companion and I stopped and decided to talk with them. They asked a lot of questions to us and we were able to answer the questions that they had for us. They just then told us that our church is not true and that we are in darkness and we were kind of shocked when they say that word to us. We then bore our own personal testimony of the Church and about the gospel of Jesus Christ and tell them that we are not in darkness. The guy just then tried to stop us by asking another question about the gift of tongue of what we believe that one in our church doctrine. We then shared the Articles of Faith 1:7 with them and we did explained it well but the same thing happen because they tried to stop us again. They are kind of arguing with us so instead of talking with them, I just went being silent and listening with them while my companion is talking with them. They really talk a lot and that's one of the problem because they don't want us to talk even a single word. 

 - at the Doonside Chapel .

- we just love taking pictures ...
 - I want you to meet my friend Koala .

             They also told us that we don't have the Spirit and that we don't have the gift of tongue. My companion just asked a them a question: Do you have the Priesthood in your Church ? then the guy replied to us saying; What that Priesthood that you are talking about ? We then explained what the Priesthood is and how is it very important for us in this days. The same thing happen this time because they tried to stop us again. Knowing that they don't even know what the Priesthood means and the word 'Priesthood' was even mentioned in the Bible itself. He then yelled at us saying ; " I have the Power! I have the gift of tongue! he even say that word heaps of times and then a prompting came to me about what he said. I just then said to him; Oh! You have the Power! you have the gift of tongue! Oh! so if you have the gift of tongue can you then talk with me in Filipino language ? They just went in silent after I said that and then they make some excuses with us telling us that they forgot the language. They guy just then said to me; " Kumusta ka! and my replied to him was; That's an easy word, most people knew how to say that word even my companion knows how to speak that word. My companion and I just went laughing at them and we told them; " You told us that you have the power of tongue but you can't even speak my language. We then explained to them that the gift of tongue is something that will come to you through seeking by the Spirit and taking an effort on your part by studying that specific language. The guy was kind of mad with us and seeing that he is very prideful. They just then left us saying that they don't want to talk with us anymore. My companion and I just then walk to the train station and then discussed with each other with what we have done right or wrong with that conversation with them.
 - with the Matautia Family and with
our raincoat for the storm.

- this is me with my companion at the front of the Doonside Chapel.

- Just cooking food for
our dinner. Chicken adobo!!

                Something that I learned from that experienced is that no matter what people say about the Church which is wrong, DON'T BELIEVE THEM. I know for myself that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ here on this earth and that this is His true gospel. Bible bashing with other people doesn't make you a good person with the Bible but it will just create contention that ends up into anger and fight with each others beliefs. It's better when you share your own personal testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ rather than arguing with other people. DARE TO STAND ALONE and share what you believe is true because that is something that will help you to build your own personal testimony and Foundation in life who is Jesus Christ.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Things Happen

            First of all, I wasn't expecting that they would send me here in Doonside area/ Hebersham Stake but something that I know is that the Lord had something to do with me in this area. I got my 7th companion in the mission field who is Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti and he speaks Tahitian and French. He's been out in the mission field for almost 9 months and he is really cool though. I've known him for a while cause we were on the same district and zone in Penrith when he started his mission last year.

- this is me and my companion at the Chang Lai Garden .
- this is my companion 
Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti

- Australia Sydney North is my mission.

              Secondly, the first week that I got in this area was really good because we had a baptism that week. We had Bro. Jaxon and Bro. Brooklyn who enters into the waters of baptism last 14th of February. They were really great with the decision that they had  to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized even though they were still young at age. It's also my first time to see heaps of non-members who attended the baptismal program in the church that time. They invited their parents and some of the relatives that they have who are not members of the church. We had so much potentials of baptism in our area especially with less-active and part members families in our ward. Our focus right now as companionship is to invite more people into baptism especially also with our investigators. The success in missionary work is in the invitation, not the outcome. People often think that by inviting someone to hear more about the gospel, that they are only successful if the person says 'YES'. This is FALSE. Our success in missionary work comes simply by extending the invitation. Let the Lord and the Spirit do the rest. Don't wait for the perfect time, it will never arrive.

- this is me with Brooklyn and my companion.

 - this is me with my companion
Elder Tematafaarer from Tahiti.

- this is me again with Jaxon and Elder T.
- at the Doonside Chapel last 
14th of February 2015.
Jaxon and Brooklyn's baptism.

Lastly, the Lord and our mission president is really inspired though when they put me here in this area. The area that I'm in right now is where most Filipinos and Polynesians lives which is so cool. I'd ask my mission president to send me where Asian people are and the good thing is that they send me here in this area. It's really a great blessing for me in this area and I know that I had something to do with this area. 

- with Elder Reiner, Elder Brown, Sister Allen, Sister Metta, Elder Tematafaarere and Sister Dela Cruz.
- The Hebersham Zone Missionaries.

- this is me with Elder Brown from New Zealand.