Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Training A New Missionary

                  "A missionary's first companion has a profound, lasting influence on the development of the missionary's attitudes, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose. The responsibility to train a new missionary is a sacred trust from your mission president and from the Lord ( In - Field Training for New Missionaries: Instructions for Trainer p.1 )".

- The Mount Druitt District / Hebersham Zone Missionaries.

- with Sister Herrera, Sister Allen, Sister Kale,
Sister Pak, Elder Stockman, Elder Tangulu,
Elder Tematafaarere, Elder Ialulu,
Elder Lelenoa and Elder Cecilio.

- with Elder Lelenoa from Melbourne Australia.

- just taking selfie with 
Sister Kale, Sister Allen, Sister Herrera
and Elder Tangulu.

- this is me with Bro. Bill Ruxton. He is an architect which is really cool.

- this is me with my companion and 
the Pei Family in our ward.

          My core experienced with God this week comes with accepting the calling as a trainer to a new missionary in the mission. When I got the call last Saturday about training a new missionary, I was kind of excited and nervous about it because this is my first time training a new missionary in the mission. I accepted the call to train a new missionary because I know that it will also help me to become more an effective missionary in the mission with my companion. The training that we had received last Tuesday really gives me an idea of what to do with training a new missionary and helping them to see what missionary life is. 

 - The Bungaribee Sisters 
and the Doonside Elders.

- with Elder Reiner , Elder Tematafaarere, Elder Mauigoa, and Elder Cecilio. 

- Sister Pak, Sister Mapuhi, Elder Mauigoa, Sister Wilson and Sister Kale.

- Sister Pak, Sister Jimmy, Sister Metta and Sister Kale.

 - this is me with my companion 
and the Matautia Family.

- every time they got my camera they just take selfie. This is Sister Pak, Sister Kale and some Youths of the Bungaribee Ward.

 - this is me with Sister Kale and Sister Pak.

- with Elder Kaufusi, Elder Nathan, Elder Tangulu and Elder Stockman.

- with Sister Piutau with her Humility pose, Sister Metta, Sister Wilson, Elder Kaufusi and Elder Nathan at the back.


- with Elder Kaufusi and Sister Metta.

- with Elder Kaufusi, Sister Piutau, Sister Oeti, Elder Nathan and Elder Tangulu at the back.

- with Elder Kaufusi, Elder Cecilio, Elder Tangulu, Elder Nathan, Elder Tematafaarere and Elder Stockman.


           My goal as a 
trainer is to help my companion (trainee) be the kind of missionary who, if called upon, could also train a new missionary by the end of the 12 weeks training period. One of my goal also as a trainer is to help my companion (trainee) be totally freely obedient, be totally devoted to our Mission President and most importantly is to be totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. I will treat my companion as an equal missionary with the same authority that I have with him and to help him to be an effective messenger of the truth. I know that I will learn a lot of things from my new companion and with the training that I had with him. This 12 week training program to a new missionary will really help me to focus myself with my companion and with the Lord and our work in the Lord's mission instead of thinking about myself and my family.

- this is me with Elder Lucerna, Elder Tematafaarere, Sister  Utuone and Elder Tangulu.

- this is me with Sister Kaakau, Sister Nonu and Sister Afualo.

- this is me with Elder White from New Zealand.

 - just at the rooftop eating our lunch with Elder Tangulu, Elder Kaufusi and Elder Nathan.

- It's a nice cold day with this beautiful tree in our area. 

- this is me with my new companion right now Elder Sloan from New Zealand.

- this is me with my companion Elder Sloan.

 - This is a nice and beautiful tree in Doonside.

                Something that I learned as Jesus Taught this week is that us a companion (trainer) to a new missionary, I must set as an example of the gospel living  and devoted, selfless service to God and His children. As what it says in 1 Timothy 4:12 and it says: " Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of thy believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in Spirit, in faith, in purity".

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


" Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty‍ of their fathers‍ than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them " ( Alma 56:47 ).  

         This week has been great for me and with my companion even though it is getting cold right now because of the winter. We had been visiting our investigators, less-actives and members this week and to invite them for the ward activity that we had last Saturday for the Mother's Day Activity.

- Happy Mother's      Day!

- Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to my companion's mom.

- this is Bro. Taufa and To'o .


- with Bro. Tame and To'o.

- these are all the food that we had with our Ward Activity.

- this is me with the Cruz Family. One of the Filipino family in our ward.

- this is me with Sis. Matautia and her mom.

-  this is my companion with Bro. Taufa, To'o and with Bro. Belford.

- The Doonside Ward Mother's.

- this is me with my companion Elder T.

- this is me with 
Blade Nuku.

- this is with Sis. College, Elder T.,
Sis. Angie, Bro. Belford and then the other lady.

-with the Cruz Family from the Philippines.

- this is my companion Elder T. with Bro. Taufa and Bro. Riwai.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Member - Missionary Work

            “Every member … a missionary! "True Christianity is love in action. There is no better way to manifest love for God than to show an unselfish love for your fellow men. This is the spirit of missionary work” ( President David O. Mckay ).

 - this is me and Elder Kaufusi 
from Tonga.

- with Sister Metta
from Papua New Guinea.

- with Sister Going from New Zealand and Sister Metta from PNG.

             This week is such a great blessing for me and my companion and with heaps of miracles that we had seen this week with those members who are praying and fasting for us. We introduced the 40 Day Fast Program to the Doonside Ward and all the members ad less-actives were all excited to do it. This week is the starting date of our 40 Day Fast and we've been blessed us missionaries to see how the Spirit works on us and with the help of those members who are praying and fasting for our success everyday in the mission field. This week also seems to be busy with us because of the set appointments that we had with our investigators and less-actives in our ward and area. We are also blesses this week with members who wants to go out with us and helping us with fellowshipping our investigators. At the end of the day, the member who went out with us express their feeling on us that they felt the Spirit and that they felt happy with sharing the gospel to others.

-This is Elder Lelenoa and Elder Kaufusi.

- this is me with Sister Piutau and Elder Mauigoa.

 - The Hebersham Zone Missionaries 
with 22 Full-time missionaries.

- caught in action!
Sister missionaries taking selfie... Sisters Metta and Piutau.

- with Elder Kaufusi.

-  with Sister Pak from Korea, my companion and Sister Kale from Tonga.

- with Elder Kaufusi, Elder Ialulu, Elder Tematafaarere,
Elder Tangulu, Sister Metta, Sister Nonu, 
Sister Piutau, Sister Kale and Elder Nathan.

- this is me with my companion right now.

- with my companion and Sister Sopo.


             My core experienced with God this week comes with working with one of our investigators whom we found through a members help and working with one of our member who went out with us this week. We had a busy day last Thursday because of the set appointments that we had with our investigators and less-actives in our area. We call one our member in our ward to go out with us on that day and gladly he told us 'YES'. We meet up with one of our investigator in the Doonside Train Station and we then walk through the park with our investigator and our member for our lesson. We were able to get to know our investigator well and we also introduced her to Bro. Bill that time who is our member present. It seems that they are similar with their career and what it makes more easier to connect with each other. We then used the how to begin teaching with her and the member present that we had also help us. We also teach her the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and the member that we had testified of the things that we had taught with her and he also bore his own personal testimony of the Book of Mormon. Our investigator also asked some questions on us and we were able to answer her questions on us. The member present that we had did really help us in teaching and knowing that the Spirit was also there helping us with our investigator. We then give her a pamphlet and a copy of the Book Mormon in her own language so that it would be easy for her to understand it.

- this is me with Elder Lelenoa, Elder
Nathan, Elder Tematafaarere and 
Elder Kaufusi.

- with Elder Lelenoa
from Melbourne.

- with Elder Nathan from Perth and 
Elder Tangulu from Tonga.

- with Sister Kale from Tonga and Elder Stockman from Brisbane.

- with Sister Pak from Korea and Sister Kale from Tonga.

- This is me with President Howes 
and Sister Howes.

- just taking photo with this nice picture of Jesus Christ at the Hebersham Chapel.

- It's a nice cold day that afternoon with a nice tree at the back.

- Okay! Keep Calm and 
Date a MORMON!

At the end of our lesson, we invited her to say the prayer for us and at first she feels hesitated to pray but something that we do is that we help her to understand that prayer is a way to communicate with our Father in Heaven. Then the member present that we had bore his testimony about prayer and we then invited her again to pray with us and she then said ' Yes'. She said the prayer with us and it was really great how she prayed sincerely to our Father in  Heaven. We then set up an appointment with her again and then on the following day, we received a message from her telling us that she invited 2 of her friends who are Chinese and Spanish to also learn from us as what she's been doing this time also. It was really great how the Spirit work and she even invited 2 of her friends to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Something that we will do is that were gonna used more of our members in the ward especially with working with our investigators.

- at the Missionary Fireside at the Hebersham Chapel.

 - with Elder Tematafaarere, Elder Tetauira,
 Elder Tangulu and Sister Aldan.

- with Elder T. , Elder Ialulu from Vanuatu, Elder Tetauira and Elder Kaufusi.

 - with Elder Tetauira from Tahiti.

- with Elder Kaufusi and Sister Piutau from New Zealand.

- just taking photos at the lift with Elder T. , Elder Nathan
and Elder Kaufusi.

 - The set apart of Elder Scanlan. 
He will be serving as a missionary 
of the Philippines Naga Mission.


" Member - missionary work is the best way to find people to teach and to invite others to come unto Christ. We must understand how a member must feel to succeed in participating in the conversion experience. The better we understand how investigators, missionaries, and members feel when they receive the witness of the Spirit, the better you will understand your own role as a missionary ( PMG p. 92 ).