Monday, April 27, 2015

The Music Of Gospel

           " For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads" ( Doctrine and Covenants 25:12 ). This week has been great for us with my companion even though the weather this week is not that good but still we have the perseverance to do the Lord's work. Something that we do as companionship is that every visits that we had with our investigators, less-actives, part-member families and active members in the ward is that we sing them a song from the Green Hymn book or from the Children's Songbook. It does really help us to have the Spirit with us in teaching and helping us to testify of the truthfulness of the message that we taught with them. The music of the gospel can only be taught by gentleness, long-suffering, persuasion, kindness, and meekness as what it says in the scriptures.

- this is me and my companion Elder Tematafaarere at the lift.

- outside the Blacktown Library 
and it seems to be that its gonna rain this time.

- at the Max Weber Building;
 Blacktown Library.

- at the Wespoint in Blacktown.

My core experienced with God this week comes with working with one of our investigators who is also a referral from one of our investigators and they live in the same street together . When we first meet this man, we were able to talk with this man and his wife as well and we were able to get to know the family as well. We taught them with using the how to begin teaching and we also taught them a little bit about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. We were able to set up an appointment with them again and we then give them the pamphlet and a copy of the Book of Mormon and we then invite them to read and pray for it. 

- sketch picture of the 
Australia Sydney North Mission.

- at the Doonside Train Station on the way to Blacktown and to our flat in Marayong.

- this is my bike in the mission.
the best one!

- we are at the car with Elder Nathan,
Elder Tematafaarere and Elder Kaufusi.

- we just love taking photos at the car.

When we visit them again the other week, the whole family is not home but the father was there and we were able to talk with him again. We were able to have a lesson with him and we told him of what's our purpose as a missionary. He then raised a concern with us that he doesn't have that kind of great faith with Jesus Christ because of the problems and challenges that they had been facing right now as a family. He also told us that he got baptised but it doesn't really matter with him. We then taught him about having faith in Jesus Christ and how opposition is a part of our life in order for us to learn from our mistakes and gain more experienced. We also brought with us a DVD about " Finding Faith in Christ" and we gave it to him and invite him to watch it with his family supposing that he has only a small tie with us. We then continued to help him to gain his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit was also there in our lesson testifying of the truthfulness of our message. We also share of the gift of repentance and that through Jesus Christ's Atonement that we can be saved and be fully healed. At the end of our lesson, we asked him if we can sing a song with him and he then said 'YES'. We then sing a song from the Primary Children's Songbook which is entitled " I Feel My Saviour's Love" and the song did really touch his heart that he even cry and knowing that he felt the Spirit so strongly on that time with us. We then close with a prayer that time and invited him to pray to his Father in Heaven and to come to church this Sunday. 

 - the road to  Doonside Chapel.

- beautiful 
creatures of our 
Father in Heaven.

- someone's car is coming to the chapel! who is 
that ? 
-this is Bro. and Sis. Pei.

- It was raining hard this week and it went on until the end of the week.

 - we got a bad weather last Saturday 
and we got a bad hail storm which last long.

- look at that white thing outside .. it's the small ice from the hail storm. 

 - just taking photos 
with the hail storm.

- just with the Mohe Family. 
(Elder's T. vision)

It was a great experienced that I have that time too and something that I learned is that message that we share as missionaries can also be taught by way of singing . It does really help the investigators to feel the Spirit and to help them more edified with the Spirit. One important lesson that I've learned in my lesson is to increase my love to the people that we are teaching and to focus myself with them rather than focusing with myself.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Week Full of Miracles

             "There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of the world, upon which all blessings are predicated --- And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated" ( Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20-21 ). This week has been great for me and my companion with heaps of miracles that we had seen and it's because of being freely obedient. It really helps me and with my companion to align ourselves with the will of God. Obedience is the first law of heaven and by obeying God's commandments, we show ourselves that we love God and Jesus Christ and we want to serve them. We will be much happier if we obey God because we love Him and we want to obey Him. When we obey Him freely, He will bless us freely.

- this is what it looks like in the Marayong Train Station.

- this is Elder Tangulu from Tonga and Elder Mauigoa from Samoa/ Hawaii.

- Some of the missionaries in our zone.


                                    My core experienced with God this week happen on us last Tuesday as we were working in Doonside area. As usual, we catch the train again with our bikes and when we got to Doonside we then walk towards the shops and there we saw the Relief Society president in our ward. We stop by and talk with her and then she told us something; " Elders! Go on that way and say ' Hi ' to one of the Bishop's daughter with her friend who is not doing good and the Bishop's daughter too is kind of less-active. We went there and says 'hi' to them even though it's kind of awkward for us and with her . We then left them and went to the Telstra telephone stand to get ready with our helmets for biking. We were standing at the telephone stand when we saw this one lady who is trying to call someone and looks like that she needs help with something. 

- this is Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti and Elder Kaufusi from Tonga.

 - this is Elder Nathan from Perth 
and Elder Kaufusi.

- with Elder Kaufusi again but
sometimes we call him Elder Chips or Elder Dizzy . He's a funny missionary.

- just wanna take a photo at our flat .

 - this is me with Elder Kaufusi
again at the roof.

- this is us with our small and cute ties ..
Elder Kaufusi taught us how to do that ..

- we have nothing to do at the flat so we just keep on taking photos .

 - it's us again with our lava-lava.
It's really nice and comfortable though .

We then approach her and exactly that she needs help from us. We help her calling her auntie to pick her up from the shops and knowing that she's been her in Australia for just one month. She is from Turkey and she also speaks English but not that good that's why she came here in Australia to study language. After helping here, she then asked a question with us of who we are and what we do and she even look our name badges that time. We then introduced ourselves with her by using the how to begin teaching and by getting to know her as well. We then share the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and about the Book of Mormon. She told us that she never heard about the Church and then after that she then asked the church's address which is really cool. We then give the address to her and set up an appointment with her again and with her family. We then exchanged our contact details with her and we also give her a pamphlet and a copy of the Book Mormon in English to read. We also told her that we will give her a copy of the Book of Mormon in her language as well so that it would be then easy for her to understand and she then accepted it . It was really a great experienced for me on how the Spirit work on us. 

- at the Blacktown Train Station while waiting for our train to Marayong.

- this is me with my companion 
Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti.

- Elder Cecilio from Philippines.

- we just meet this guy at the street while 
biking holding his Blue tongue lizard.

The member who told us to say 'Hi' to the Bishop's daughter lead us to this lady whom we meet this week. It was great to know how the Spirit works not only on us as missionaries but also with the member. Serving here in Doonside Ward now for about 10 week is such a great miracle and my companion and I had found more investigators and it's through the help of the members who gave us referrals and their friends who are not members of the Church. Member- missionary work is the best way for us missionaries to find people to teach and help more people to invite them to come unto Christ.

Monday, April 13, 2015

" Priesthood Blessing "

               My core experienced with God this week comes with exercising my Priesthood power by giving a priesthood blessing. Priesthood is the power and authority given to man to act in God's name for the salvation of His children. Through the priesthood we receive the ordinances of salvation as well as the blessings of healing, comfort and counsel. Ever since I came in this area/ I have been able to exercise my priesthood by giving blessing and it is really a marvelous opportunity for me. As a priesthood, we enters into a covenant to fulfill our sacred duties such as to serve others and help build up the church. Priesthood power can be used only in righteousness, love and peace.
 - this is our flat in Marayong.

- the Marayong Train Station.

- Winter is already up ..
winter season ...

We received a text from our Bishop last week saying that a Filipino member text him and is requesting for a priesthood blessing because she will be having an operation in the hospital. She is also an inactive member and knowing that her husband is not a member of our church. We call the member on that day and set up an appointment with her to give the blessing . It was really great also when we call her because we were able to get to know her that time. Knowing that we live in the same island in the Philippines but in different city and we were able to talk each other in our language and also with a mixed English in our conversation so that my companion could also understand us. My companion and I can't wait to meet with her and give her the blessing.

 - We just found this nice place in our 
area this weekwhich is really cool .

- Just pointing at
 the sun.

- this is me and my companion right now.

- this is 
Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti.

The day came and we were able to get to know her more better which is really cool. We had a good chat with her and she then expressed her feeling for us for coming over to her house to give the blessing. Her 2 kids were also there and she told us that her 2 kids were not yet baptized and also her husband too that makes it hard for her. The kids were questioning her about why they don't have the cross in their house as they had seen it in there school. The mom just then told them that they don't need the cross in their house because they don't celebrate the death of Jesus Christ but they celebrate because Jesus Christ was resurrected and alive which really make sense for me. She also told us some questions that kids ask with her and she were able to answer it also. It was really a great opportunity for us to teach this family but sad to say that this is not our area and its the Sister missionaries area. But something that we will do is that we will pass them on the Sister missionaries that are serving on that area.

 - Just looking at the sun .

- Australia's the best Bundaberg Ginger Beer ....
it's not really a beer .. it's just the name of it...

-  this is my study table with 
the picture of my family and Jesus Christ.

- this is me with the John and Mitiau's boys 
and also with Elder Mauigoa.


Before giving her the blessing, we were able to share a lesson with them and it was so great that the Spirit was really there so strongly that she did cry and knowing that she did felt the influence of the Spirit. She then bore her testimony with us and it was so great how the Spirit of the Lord had touched her heart. We then sing them a song which is the " I Feel My Savior's Love" and it did really touch her heart. We then offered a prayer with them before giving the priesthood blessing to bless her, her house and her family and we then give her the priesthood blessing. After the blessing, she the express her feelings again to us and telling us that she felt comforted when give the blessing to her. She also told us also that she felt the joy and peace in her life and that she also felt the love of our Father in Heaven. She then promised to herself with God that she would come back to church when the time that she will recovered from her operation. It was really great to hear from her and I also felt that time the LOVE of our FATHER IN HEAVEN.

 - this is me with our zone leaders.

- Elder T. with our zone leaders.

 - this is Elder Mauigoa, Elder Kaufusi, Elder Nathan,
Elder Reiner and Elder Tematafaarere.

Something that Jesus taught us is to rescue those people who had lost their ways and to bring them back to the fold of our Father in Heaven. Remember that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. ( Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 )