Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Things Happen

            First of all, I wasn't expecting that they would send me here in Doonside area/ Hebersham Stake but something that I know is that the Lord had something to do with me in this area. I got my 7th companion in the mission field who is Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti and he speaks Tahitian and French. He's been out in the mission field for almost 9 months and he is really cool though. I've known him for a while cause we were on the same district and zone in Penrith when he started his mission last year.

- this is me and my companion at the Chang Lai Garden .
- this is my companion 
Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti

- Australia Sydney North is my mission.

              Secondly, the first week that I got in this area was really good because we had a baptism that week. We had Bro. Jaxon and Bro. Brooklyn who enters into the waters of baptism last 14th of February. They were really great with the decision that they had  to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized even though they were still young at age. It's also my first time to see heaps of non-members who attended the baptismal program in the church that time. They invited their parents and some of the relatives that they have who are not members of the church. We had so much potentials of baptism in our area especially with less-active and part members families in our ward. Our focus right now as companionship is to invite more people into baptism especially also with our investigators. The success in missionary work is in the invitation, not the outcome. People often think that by inviting someone to hear more about the gospel, that they are only successful if the person says 'YES'. This is FALSE. Our success in missionary work comes simply by extending the invitation. Let the Lord and the Spirit do the rest. Don't wait for the perfect time, it will never arrive.

- this is me with Brooklyn and my companion.

 - this is me with my companion
Elder Tematafaarer from Tahiti.

- this is me again with Jaxon and Elder T.
- at the Doonside Chapel last 
14th of February 2015.
Jaxon and Brooklyn's baptism.

Lastly, the Lord and our mission president is really inspired though when they put me here in this area. The area that I'm in right now is where most Filipinos and Polynesians lives which is so cool. I'd ask my mission president to send me where Asian people are and the good thing is that they send me here in this area. It's really a great blessing for me in this area and I know that I had something to do with this area. 

- with Elder Reiner, Elder Brown, Sister Allen, Sister Metta, Elder Tematafaarere and Sister Dela Cruz.
- The Hebersham Zone Missionaries.

- this is me with Elder Brown from New Zealand.

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