Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Never Ending Miracles in the Mission

                  First experience; One my core experienced with God this week comes with working with one of our less-actives member in the Doonside Ward. We had been visiting this less-actives couple in our area for 3 times this month and the good thing is that we had been building relationship trust with them. We felt that we needed to extend the invitation for church and help them feel the love of our Father in Heaven for them. Last Sunday, after our Ward Council in the morning, we went to their house for our appointment and have breakfast with them. After our meal, we went to the lounge room with them and shared a lesson with them about "Covenants". Before sharing our lesson, we follow-up with the commitment that we had with them last week and they said that they had done it. We were so happy that time that they are really doing it and then after that we then shared our lesson about our covenants and we used the Mosiah Chapter 18 as our scripture reference. We then continued our lesson and knowing that the Spirit is really there, helping them to remind of the covenants that they made with God. We then also shared our personal experiences about how keeping our covenants can bless our lives and we then also asked them some inspired questions. At the end of our lesson, we then extend the invitation with them and invited them to church that day and with the help of the Spirit they did say 'YES'. They then said that this might be the best time for us to come to church and feel that the same Spirit that we felt before. I felt humbled that time when they said yes and I did really felt joy and peace that time with our lesson. We then went to church with them and the members in the ward did really help them to feel welcomed and what a great experienced that I have. My companion and I had been working so hard and also with the help of the members in our ward. I know that this work cannot be done without the help of the ward members and with the Spirit. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord in my life. I know that there is something that we need to do much better to become converted to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

- Our special gift to President and Sister Howes.

-  this is me with Elder Samin from the Philippines as well and Elder Reiner at the back.

- We have like 4 Filipino missionaries in our zone: Elder Cecilio, Elder Samin, Elder Cruz and Sister Mariano.

- this is me with Sister Piutau and Elder Leota and Elder Samin at the back.

- Sister Nonu, Elder Samin, Elder Cruz, and with Sister Piutau.

- with Sister Nonu, Elder Samin, Elder Cruz, Sister Piutau, Sister Oeti and Elder Ostler at the back.

- with Elder Sloan, Elder Cruz, Sister Jimmy, Sister Mariano and Sister Piutau.

-this is Elder Lelenoa and 
Sister Jimmy.

               Another Miracle; One of my core experienced with God this week comes with working with our area book and especially with the former investigators section of our area book. During our weekly planning last week, we were looking at our area book and then we did call our former investigators and investigators to set up an appointment with them for the next week. We also get all the names and address of our former investigators for us to visit and one of the name that we had is Graham. After our church last Sunday, we went to visit Graham and a s we knocked on the door, he then open the door and said to us that it’s not a good time for him that day and asked us to come back another day which is Tuesday. We then left the house and visit another family and then to wait until Tuesday comes. The day came for us to meet with Graham and its really great that he open the door for us as we knocked on it. We were able to get to know him well and we also asked how he meet the missionaries before. 

- Just walking on a cold night that time!

- Just playing with the M and M's!

- Someone got a birthday from one of our flatmates!

- It's Elder Leota's birthday and he's turning 20 years of age.

- Just walking on a cold afternoon to our appointment!


                 He told us that he meet the missionaries when they knocked on his door and he got interested with them. After a while, he lost his contact with missionaries due to being hospitalized by a year and then right now where back again with him. We then begin by asking inspired question with him and then suddenly he asked a great question which is; “What the difference of your Church to any other churches ? that leads to our lesson with him. We then begin with ‘ How to begin teaching’ and then introducing our lesson with him. We then also used some object lesson that really helps him to understand what we taught with him and knowing that the Spirit is really there. He also asked some questions with and we were able to answer it well. He told us that he already a copy of the Book of Mormon and he has been reading like once or twice a week and he has been praying to God every day. 

- As what the poster says:
Elders For Lease!

-Just eating our dinner with my companion Elder Sloan!

- We got a Filipino food this time from one of the Filipino member in our ward.

-  I got a letter from the mission office saying that I'm going home on the 3rd of November this year.

- This is not even my birthday! We just got invited to a birthday party while door knocking

- We got  Filipino foods 
from the birthday party.


           At the end of our lesson we then invite him to read, ponder and pray to God if what we had taught him is true. He did really say to us ‘ yes ‘ and with it we invited him to be baptized and with the help of the Spirit, he did accept the invitation and we were able to set a baptismal date for him that day. He then told us that he is ready right now to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptised with proper authority. We were so happy that time, when he accepted the invitation to be baptised and I know that the Lord is really preparing His people to received us missionaries and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Just a family and missionary gathering together.

- Just eating our lunch/ dinner this time.

- with Elder Kaufusi and Blade 
who's not looking at the camera.


- with Elder Sloan and Blade.


- We just love taking photos together after our Zone Meeting.

- this is me with Elder Gibb. He is one of my companion in the mission and one of the AP's right now in our mission.

- this is me with Elder King from California. He is one of the AP as well in the mission.

- this is me with Elder Lelenoa from Melbourne. 

-  We just love taking photos together after our meeting. 


          The Doonside Area is still doing good and great in here and we had found a lot of success with working with our investigators, less-actives, part- member families and active members especially with our Ward Council. We had been working hard with our area book and started to contact those former investigators that we have in our area book. We divided the ward into 3 groups with a vision to make the ward big and be more united with each other. We assigned every group with things that they need to focus on like reactivating recent converts, less-actives and active members and Temple and Family History work and also missionary work. This is one of the goal of our ward mission leader which is to divide the ward and I know that it will really help us as missionaries as well.

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