Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Another Miracles To Tell About Doonside

             This week has been a great week for me and my companion with the miracles and success that we had seen this week in our area. The Lord is really helping us with the work here in Doonside area and people are really receptive with us. We had a Doonside Festival this week and we were able to participate with it and meet more people in our area which is really cool. My companion and I did really enjoyed the festival with the great opportunities that we have to do finding and street contacting that day. Our zone leader did challenge all of us missionaries in the zone to set a baptismal date this week and we were able to set a date this week which is really a great miracle for us.

- this is me with Elder Sloan and our new mission president : President and Sister Checketts.

- with President and Sister Checketts.

- at the Filipino fastfood with the other Elders in our zone.


One of my core experienced with God this week comes with visiting our former investigators this week. After our weekly planning this Thursday, my companion and I went to visit our former investigators in Doonside area and the two of them were Adut and William and they are an African couple. We went to their house and knocked on their door and then a lady and a man opened the door for us and we then introduced ourselves with them. We asked them about Adut and William and then the lady told us that William is at work and Adut is in Melbourne right now for work. We were kind of sad when we hear that one and knowing that they are trying to avoid us also that time.

- Bro. and Sis. Chineke.


As we were about to leave, the man stopped us and ask us a question and knowing that he will just try to Bible bash with us and it did really happen. He asked us a question about Joseph Smith's name not mention in the Bible as a prophet and he then said that he is a false prophet. We then told him that even Jesus Christ's name was not even mention in the Old Testament and we then testified to him that Joseph Smith was and is called of God to be a Prophet . We also testified to him the truthfulness of our message. He then asked another question and we tried to explain it to him but the sad thing is that he doesn't wanna listen to us and he just want to talk and preach with us. We just listen to him and knowing that Bible bashing with him will not do any good from us but it will just create contention with each other beliefs. I already told my companion that when someone tried to Bible bash with us don't be defensive with it. We are not here to battle with our mouth and tongue as missionaries but we are here to battle with the Spirit. I told my companion that we just need to share our own personal testimony and let the Spirit teach them.


They were about to close the door and then suddenly my companion and I asked them if we could share our own personal testimony about the message that we shared with them and they did say 'yes'. My companion did bore his own personal testimony at first and then I testified of what my companion was saying to them. I then bore my own personal testimony and knowing that the Spirit was really there so strongly, helping us to testify to them that what we have taught with them are true. The Spirit did really soften their hearts that they were calm when they listen to us. They then grab some chairs for us and sit down with them and from Bible bashing to a great lesson about the Restoration. He told us that he is very confused this time regarding with different religions and beliefs in this earth. We then shared the experienced of Prophet Joseph Smith, when he was searching for the truth himself. We shared the scripture verse "James 1:5 and do what James had asked which is to pray to God. We asked him to pray to God and asked for direction to God in his life. We also asked him t read the Book of Mormon and it will give him answers to his confusion and to ponder the message it contains and to pray to God with a sincere heart and real intent: to know if the Book of Mormon is really a true word of God. He then told us that he will do it and he even asked for an Arabic language of the Book of Mormon which is really great. The lady that was with us then said 'SORRY' to us and that she lied to us. The lady that we meet at the door was really Adut and that William is just at home at that time sleeping. We then said that we forgive her and we were able o build a strong relationship trust with them. We then set a return appointment with them to give the Book of Mormon in Arabic language and then to have lesson with them again.

Goodbye Hebersham Zone!

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