Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Missionary Life In Australia Sydney

                Hi! I'm Elder Marion Jay Roces Cecilio and i'm from Philippines. I'm 20 years of age and I'm currently serving on a mission right now.I was born and raised by my parents in the Church and I am so grateful for them. Being a member of the true Church really makes me happy everyday and know that I could be with my family for eternity. I'm the youngest in our family and i'm also the first missionary in our family and i'm so happy for that. After I graduated from my High School life, I went to Uni and took up Bachelor of Elementary Education - Major in Mathematics for 2 years and a half and supposed to be this year will be my graduation for my course but I stopped because I really want to serve a mission. Serving in the Lord is one of the most experienced that I could have in my life and it really helps me a lot to be more converted with the gospel of Jesus Christ as I live on it. I'm currently serving my mission right now at Australia Sydney North Mission and I'm so very glad to be in this mission. Being here in the mission is such a wonderful experienced for me and I know that this is the best education that I would cherished in my life. I also loved playing touch, ultimate frisbee, basketball and most of all table tennis the best of all game.

                   I'm a Mormon because I live it and I love it and I know that this is true and I'm proud of it. Through the teachings of the Church it really helps me a lot to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it is very important for us. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses my family so much and it helps me to strengthen my relationship with others. Having the knowledge of the restored gospel helps me to be in the right Church and know to myself that God really loves me so much. I have come to know that God has really a wonderful plan for us in order for us to be in His presence again and live with Him again. I really believe with all my heart that families can be together forever and I'm so much grateful of having a goodly parents here on earth. Being here in the Lord's vineyard as a full-time missionary is a quite challenging cause most of the people that I meet everyday did really try to shake and weaken my testimony. But it doesn't really bothers me anymore cause I know to myself that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and that Prophet Joseph Smith is the one who is being called to restored the gospel of Jesus Christ and His true Church here on earth.

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