Sunday, August 31, 2014

5th Week of My 7th Transfer

         This week just went so fast and its been a pretty good week for me with my companion. It's been raining so hard this few days but were so lucky that we got our own umbrella for protection. Most missionaries in our mission right now has been thinking about getting transferred and i'm one of those missionaries. My companion told me that I'm getting transferred this time cause I've been in the area for likely 7 months but that's not the point of it. The Lord know whats best for me and let's see what happens this coming transfer meeting.

       - One morning while doing some street contacting with my companion at Cherrybrook.  

         We have also done service this week with one of the members in our ward who are the Chamber Family. They are an old couple and they were so lovely and kind. After that we walk home to our flat and took some photos . We also did some service with the Watkins Family last Saturday even though it was raining. 

  - A view which is taken at David Road, Castle Hill. I would rather walk in this kind of area than biking its because of the hills that has on it.

- A nice tree with its wonderful color 
pink flower and they said that its a kind of Cherry blossom which they called it Aprinos blossom tree. 

           - My companion Elder Nalawas from Vanuatu.


- A picture taken in our flat with my companion Elder  Nalawas from Vanuatu, then me Elder Cecilio whose wearing an " Angry Bird hat " on my head and then Elder Musters from Canada.

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