Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Journey to Hebersham Zone

                My 11th transfer here in the mission gone so fast and time flies so really fast here in the mission. I can't even believe that I'm been out long in the mission right now and it feels that I'm just new in the mission. We had an 8th week transfer this time and it's really a long one but still it's all good. I got a call last Saturday the 8th of February that our area will be closed down for a while and that me and my companion are getting transferred. It's very sad to hear that I'm leaving but I think that the Lord had something to do with me in my new area. Some of the areas in our mission got closed down also because of the huge number of missionaries who finished their mission this transfer. We had like 19 missionaries who finished their mission this transfer and we only had like 3 missionaries coming in our mission. There is no enough missionaries to cover some of the areas in the mission that's why it got closed down. There are still heaps of missionaries coming in our mission but some of those missionaries are still waiting for their visas to be approved.

             I'm in my 4th area right now in the mission in Doonside Ward/ Hebersham Stake with my new companion Elder Tematafaarere or in short term " Elder T "and he is from Tahiti. I already meet him before and actually we are in the same district in my last zone in Penrith. He is an amazing missionary and he loves all the people that we've been working with .

- this is me with my new companion Elder Tematafaarere from Tahiti.

              Coming here in Hebersham is something that I did not expect for but the Lord has something to do with me in this new area . The area that I'm in right now in Doonside is where most Filipino lives which is really cool. Their are heaps of Filipino people in our area and I've been able to talk with them and we also had some Filipino members in our ward . We had been visiting all the members and less-active members in the ward this week and it's been a great week this time. We had found heaps of miracles in our area and the members in Doonside ward were really great not because they feed us but because of their desire to do missionary work as individuals and as family.

              My first week here in Doonside area is really great and I've been able to meet some of the members in the ward. I've been able to get to know the members well and they are all really good. We had found heaps of miracles this week and it's really amazing that the Lord is really helping with us in the work . We had 2 baptism last Saturday and it was really cool because we had heaps of investigators that time also. The baptismal program was so wonderful and the Spirit was really there. 

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