Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Week To Remember

                This week seems to be good with me and my companion with the wonderful zone conference that we had this week focusing on helping our investigators to attend Church. Something that I knew is that Church attendance or coming to Church is very important and will really help them to received answers to their questions that they had been praying for. Especially knowing that Prophet Joseph Smith is and was called as a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. Investigators have those kind of questions in their life that can only be answered through coming to Church and by having that Spirit with them all the time that will help them received more personal revelation for their own conversion.

- I just love playing pool every p-day.
 - this is me with my mission mom 
Sister Howes and with Sister Dela Cruz.

- this is me with my companion Elder Tematafaarere, 
my mission mom Sister Howes 
and then Sister Dela Cruz.

- this is me with the 2 Tongan Sisters: Sister Vakalahi and Sister Kale.

 - they just love taking 
photos with my camera.

- this is me with Elder Chin Ah You
and he's going home soon!

             My core experienced that I have with God this week come with applying the training that we had received last Tuesday. One of the member in our ward all us last Tuesday morning saying that they need service on their house. It's a great opportunity for us to serve with the members but sad to say that we also had training on that same day. We just told them that were gonna do it after our training and the members also agreed with it. After our zone conference, we went straight home to our flat to change and then went to the members house for service. After our service, my companion and I went visiting to a less-active's house who is a single mother and it's also our first time to meet with her. We went to her house and knocked on the door and then suddenly she did really answer the door with us. We were able to get to know her well and we then asked some inspired questions with her. We the applied the training that we had received that day and it was really powerful. We used the teaching skills that we learn from the training and it was really great because we were able to find out her concerns, We then shared some of the thoughts that we had and we were able to feel the Spirit so strongly helping us to testify to her that she needs to come back to Church. We then extend the invitation with her to come to Church and we then give her the promised blessing that Heavenly Father had prepared for her. We then testified to her that what we had taught to her is true and that we are not there to force her to come back to Church but it is our Heavenly Father who is wanting her and her family to come back to Church.

 - The Hebersham Zone Missionaries.

- with Sister Dela Cruz, Sister Allen, Sister Brown, Sister Vakalahi, Sister Kale, Elder Cecilio and then Elder Tematafaarere.

- this is me with Sister Dela Cruz who is going home soon this April, Sister Brown, Elder Cecilio and Elder Tematafaarere.

 - this is me with my companion
 Elder Tematafaarere.

- at the Doonside Ward Talent Night with the Mitiau's and John's kids and with my companion.

- Hotdog sandwich eating 
contest.. hahahah

              Something that I learned from this experienced is that the trainings that we received in every missionary meeting that we had is very great, useful and powerful if we take an effort to ponder and apply the training that we had received. It does really help us with finding the investigators concerns and helping them to come to Church and to feel the love and the Spirit of God. We need to help our investigators to receive answers tho their questions and by helping them to have their own personal testimony through Church attendance. 

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