Sunday, April 12, 2015

Last Week of My 13th Transfer

               This transfer had gone so fast and it has been an amazing transfer that we had each other with my companion. We had seen a lot of miracles in our area especially with working with the Ward council, the ward members, less-actives and part member families in our ward. Even a small and simple things are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6). We had seen so much potentials in our area and something that we are planning on for this next transfer is that we just need to keep them ( the members) moving on with missionary work and help them see how the gospel of Jesus Christ will change their friends life for the best. And also, we must understand how a member must feel to succeed in participating in the conversion experience (P.M.G. P. 92).

- at the Mission Office with Sister Vakalahi,
Sister Dela Cruz, Sister Kale and then with 
Elder and Sister Williams.


- at the Sydney North Mission Office.

               One of my core experienced with God this week comes with saying a simple prayer. In our prayers, we speak openly and honestly with our loving Father in Heaven. We express the gratitude and thanksgiving for our blessings and asking for something that we need for through exercising our faith. Last Monday wasn't our p-day because we had a temple p-day on the following day so me and my companion do the same thing which is to proselyte. We went to Blacktown to visit some of our members and less-actives and we did really have a good visit with them because we were able to feel the Spirit so strongly and that they had a loving Father in Heaven. We went to the other less-active members house but sad to say that they were not home. The next door to their house is also a less-active members but my companion told me that they don't want missionary visit anymore with their house and they even told it to us in our ward council meeting. We look at their house and we even smell something good from their house cause the wife is cooking. My companion and I look at each other and decided to visit them just to say 'Hi' with them. As we walk to their house, my companion and I stopped in a tree in order for us to say a simple prayer. I did say the prayer for us that time before going to their house and the words that I say was even directed by the Spirit. One thing that I said to my prayer is that their hearts may softened and that they may accept us as representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. After our prayer, we continued to walk to their house and then knocked on the door. We were kind of nervous that time but the Spirit told us to be calm and then the wife opened the door for us. We then introduced ourselves with her and we were able to get to know the wife that time and then the husband is not yet home that time. They wife told us that they had been waiting for missionaries to visit their home and we were so happy that time. She even offered us to have dinner with them that night but sad to say that we also had a dinner appointment on that night. We just told her that we would love to come back at their house on that same night to meet her husband and she then said 'YES' to us. We then continued our way to visit more people on that day and for our dinner appointment.

- catching the train with our bikes.

- this is me with Elder T. and Quade with our Samoan shirts .

- this is me with the 2 Tongan Sisters.

- The Mount Druitt District/
Hebersham Zone.

               After our dinner appointment, we went to a members house to give him a priesthood blessing. Then suddenly the rain came and we are on our bikes that night too. We continued to bike to their house and then the husband opened the door for us and welcome us. We were able to get to know them well and we did the ' How to Begin Teaching ' with them which is really useful. We then watch with them the " Come Unto Christ" video which is really good and we were all able to feel the Spirit so strongly. We then express our feelings with the video that we watch and they also express the feeling that they had felt on that night. We then extend the invitation with them to come to church and they did say ' YES' . They then told us that they would love having us in their home again for a dinner at their house. It was such a great experienced that I have on that night on how the Lord is really helping us all the time.

- this is the food that we had in the flat.
A member just bought us
 shopping that night .

- this is my 500 Philippines money .

- this is me with my companion 
and Sis. Belford.

- this is me with 
Bro. and Sis. Belford.

- this is me again with the 
Nuku Family.

 - Sister Allen's Birthday.

- Penrith and Hebersham 
Zone Conference.

                Every experienced that I had in the mission comes with a great lesson to be learned. Prayer is a two-way communication between God and man. God do really answers our prayer even though it's long, short or even a simple prayer. We should pray with faith, sincerity, and real intent and with that we will see God’s influence in our lives. He will guide us in our daily lives and help us make good decisions.He will bless us with feelings of comfort and peace. He will warn us of danger and strengthen us to resist temptation. He will forgive our sins. We will feel closer to Him. We must learn to recognize His influence in our lives. We must learn to listen to the still, small voice of the Spirit (P.M.G p. 73 ). I've been grateful for the answered prayers that I had and I do know that God do really cares and He will answers our prayers.

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