Friday, June 5, 2015

The Plan Of Happiness

                   The Plan of Salvation is God's plan for the happiness of His children. It is centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will find lasting inner peace in this life and eternal joy after death. The Plan of Salvation gives us an answers with the 3 great questions in life which are; " Where did I come from ? Why are we here ? or what is the purpose of life ? and then Where will I go after this life ?.

- selfie again with Sister Kale and Sister Pak.

- with Sister Pak, Sister Kale, Elder Cecilio and Elder Sloan.

- just taking selfie after our P-day at the chapel.

- with Sister Kale (Tonga), Sister Pak (South Korea), Elder Sloan (New Zealand), Elder Cecilio (Philippines), Sister Mapuhi (Tahiti) and Sister Wilson (New Zealand).

- with Sister Piutau from New Zealand.

- Sister Nonu from New Zealand and Elder Kaufusi from Tonga.

- just a group picture with Elder Sloan, Sister Piutau, Sister Oeti, Sister Nonu and Sister Vaiho.


                 My core experienced with God this week comes with teaching with one of our investigator this week. We were looking at the former investigators section of our area book, trying to call our former investigators and set up an appointment with them. We found a name of a lady named Candice in the former investigators section of our area book and felt prompted to call her and we did so as the Spirit directs on us. She answered the phone and then set up an appointment with them for us to come to get to know them and have lesson with the whole family. We were able to meet the family on that week and get to know them well and then set up an appointment with them again. They were so happy when they saw us and knowing that they are interested of what we teach us missionaries. The second visit that we have with them got cancelled and then the third and the fourth because she told us that they had been busy this past few weeks with their family and work. We were supposed to see them this Wednesday but suddenly it got cancelled again because she and her daughter went to the hospital that day for some examination. We just went to our back up plan that and hoping that we could still meet up with them again us we continue to visit the family every week. 

- This is the " Strugggle Street Zone".
Hebersham Zone Missionaries.
The " Grennie Zone"

- with 22 missionaries in the zone namely:
E. Cecilio, E. Cruz, E. Reiner, E. Nathan, E. Ostler,
E. Lelenoa, E. Tangulu, E. Kaufusi, E. Sloan, E. Ialulu,
S. Mariano, S. Oeti, S. Piutau, S. Nonu,
 S. Vaiho, S. Herrera,S. Jimmy, S. Edwards, S. Pak, 
S. Kale, S. Wilson, S. Mapuhi.

- with Sister Mariano and Elder  Cruz and they are also from the Philippines.

-with Sister Piutau and Elder Sloan.

- with Elder Sloan, Sister Piutau
and Elder Cruz.

- group picture with the Hebersham 
zone missionaries.

                                   During our weekly planning this week, we were discussing about our investigators and then a prompting came to me to call her again to set up an appointment with them. We give her a call that day but suddenly no one answers the phone and then 5 minutes after that she send us a text saying that we could meet with her family this week and then we set an appointment with them. We meet with them again this Friday and then introduced my new companion to them and then we get to know them well. We prepared a great lesson for their family about the How To Begin Teaching and the Restoration but when we got their our lesson did changed as the Spirit directs us that time. We were able to us the " How to Begin Teaching" effectively and ask some inspired questions with her and then suddenly she told us that on that day is the day that her best friend died from an accident. She looks so very sad and she also told us of the good memories that she had with her best friend and knowing that her best friend has a great impact in her life. We then change our lesson from the Restoration to Plan of Salvation which is God's plan for the happiness of all His children. The lesson that we had with her really went good and knowing that the Spirit was really there so strongly and helping us to testify of what we taught with her is true. We testified to her that " Families Can Be Together Forever" and that living with our families is not just only on this earth but also in the life to come. We also testified of " Eternal Families" and that she could still see her best friend again and with and with the words that we said with her she felt comforted and was happy about it. She also told us that she believe with those things that we said with her. We continued to talk with her about the Plan of Salvation and at the end of our lesson we invited her to read and pray for it and she then committed her self that she would love to read it. As we were about to leave their house to go to our next appointment, she told us if we can say a prayer before we leave and we did so. We prayed to bless her, her house, her house and her family and also with her best friend and she did felt the Spirit that time. We then set up an appointment with them again for the next week.

- at the Blacktown Festival.

- just taking selfie with Sister Kale, Sister Pak, Ashley, and Elder Sloan.

- the same thing!

- at the Main Street in Blacktown for the Blacktown Festival.

- this is me with my companion Elder Sloan and with this one Chinese woman.

- one of the band in the Blacktown Festival.

- at the Flushcombe Road in Blacktown.

- A Filipino stall at the Blacktown Festival.

- just taking photo with The Book of Mormon.

-  Sister Pak and Sister Kale with their Book of Mormon and also with Elder Sloan at the back.

- this is me with my companion Elder Sloan with our Book of Mormon.

- just getting ready for the parade at the Blactown Festival.

- The parade at the Main Street at the Blactown Festival.

- this is our stall at the Blacktown Festival in Main Street.

- this is me with my companion Elder Sloan near Blacktown train station.

- this is me with my companion and 
with "Ola" from the Disney Movie "Frozen".

           Something that I learned as "Teaching as Jesus Taught" is that as we listened to the promptings of the Spirit, the Spirit will direct us to those people who are prepared to received the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The training that we had this week really gives me an idea that our area book is such a great help for us as missionaries. It gives us an information of those people that we need to work with and to help them resolve their concerns. If we don't keep an updated area book, then it will be impossible for the future missionaries to work well in this area. If we don't use our area book, we don't understand our purpose in here as missionaries in the Lord's vineyard. We should always update our area book so that we can feel comfortable to hand our area book to the Lord.

- this is what we call Street Contacting at the Main Street in Blacktown.

- this is Sister Smith talking to an African guy.

- this is Sister Kale talking to a Tongan guy.

- this guy just want to Bible bash with us. I already meet this guy at the Wesfield in Mt. Druitt.

- with Sister Brown from Samoa and Elder Sloan from New Zealand.

- just taking pictures with our Book of Mormon.

- at the end of the Blacktown Festival.
Just taking picture with our Book Mormon.


One great attribute that I love about with my companion is that he is really willing to learn from me as his trainer. This is one thing that I wanna developed also in my life which is being willing to learn and being willing sacrifice that I have to the Lord in any situation.

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