Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last week of the Transfer

                 This week has been so stressful because of the upcoming transfer meeting this Monday 8th of September 2014. We were all talking about transfers and probably there will be a big changes in the zone this month because most of the missionaries served in this zone for a long time and I'm one of those missionaries. I've been here in the Baulkham Hills Zone for 7 months and also with Elder White and Elder Brown from New Zealand and Elder Keefer from USA and I really  love this zone and area. I was just 3 months that time when I first got in here and now I'm on my 10 months in the mission already which is so great. Time flies so fast in the mission.

                 It's the start of spring season in Australia this month and it was so good but still  the weather is quite  cold. It's been a pretty good week for me with my companion this time and even though that transfer meeting will be on this Monday. It's very sad to say that this might be our last week as companion and I really hope not so. I really love my companion because he is very funny and he also makes us happy all the time in the flat. I really love it here in Dural because of the loving and caring members that we have in the ward and our area is very accessible with the Sydney Australia Temple which is so great. But still I need to accept if I got transferred this Monday and I know that Heavenly Father knows what's the best for me in the mission. I also got some cool photos this week with my companion and with the other missionaries in our zone .

- This is me with one of our stuffed toys in the flat . I do have a stuffed toy and it's a leopard which is so cool.

                                                                   -with Elder Nalawas my companion at the front of our flat.

- this photo was taken at the mission office with Elder and Sister Feil from USA. One of the couple missionary in our mission and I really love them . They are my favorite couple missionary in the mission 

- This photo was taken last Wednesday after our District Training Meeting at the Baulkham Hills Chapel .  The Normanhurst District.

- with Elder Cecilio (Philippines), Elder White ( New Zealand), Elder Musters (Canada) Elder Nalawas (Vanuatu) and Sister Turina ( Tahiti ).

- with Sister Lagalaga and Elder Simeavao from Samoa.

- my skuxx District leader Elder White from New Zealand.

- my Maori friend Elder Brown from New Zealand.

- this is me Elder Cecilio with Elder Brown and with Elder White taking a selfie photo. hahaha !!!

          I also take some photos with some of the members in Dural Ward in case of being transferred from another area this Monday which will be so sad for me. But as we know that changes is part of our life.

-this is me with the Ma Family and also their son Hei Sun is also serving ih his mission right now on China Hongkong Mission which is so cool.

-this is me with my companion and with the Hale Family.

- A member told us that this is how we should hold this cat .

- A family picture that I have with the Trovato Family.

- this is me Elder Cecilio with Sis. Leilani Rorani - World's Former Squash Champion and with her daughter Esther. She has also a video.

                  Time flies so fast and its quite amazing to know that I'm almost out for 1 year in the mission. The Lord really knows what the best for us and I'm so grateful to be here in the Lord's errand. It's a wonderful experienced for me to be out here in Australia Sydney doing the Lord's work. 

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