Monday, January 26, 2015

11th Transfer In The Mission

            This is my 11th transfer in the mission field and time flies so fast in the mission. I still got like 6 transfers in the mission or about 10 months here in the mission in Australia Sydney. I've been loving it here so much because it's a multicultural country and I used to meet most of the nationalities in here. I'm still here in Penrith Area/ zone which is my 3rd area in the mission and this is my 4th transfers in here. The members in here were so cool and the also love  doing missionary work which is so cool.

- this is me with Elder Parker from Salem, Utah, USA. He's very tall you know! 
- this is me at the Minchinbury Chapel with 
Sis. Carroll and Sister Glassie.

- this is me with Sis. Rachel Taufetee. She will be serving on the New Zealand Auckland Mission this 12th of March 2015.

this is is me with Sis. Paton, one of the travelling Sister in our mission. Were on the same intake in the New Zealand MTC.

 - this is me with Sister Finau, one of the travelling Sister in the  mission. She's going home this  February.

          We got a short transfer month this time which is just 4 weeks because of the new MTC President and the new missionaries coming in the mission. We also had a huge number of missionaries going home this transfer which is 19 missionaries and it's gonna create a huge difference this new transfer. The good news about our mission is that Elder David A. Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be coming here in Sydney next month and then we got a mission conference with the Sydney North and South Mission missionaries which is so cool .

- Elder David A. Bednar -
A member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

               I've been here in the Penrith Ward/ Zone for almost 5 months. I've been loving it here so much then. I had 2 companions already here in Penrith who is Elder Gibb and Elder George and I don't know yet this time if I will get transferred or not. Our area here in Penrith is kind of big and the suburbs that consists our area are the Cranebrook, Jamisontown, Glenmore Park, Regentville, Wallacia, South Penrith and the Penrith City. We had a nice area because were very near to Penrith city and it's just 5 minutes walk from our flat which is so cool. Penrith City is one of our finding spot in our area because it's the place where most people are.

- on the way to Penrith which is our area. 
 - Welcome to Penrith City.

- this is the Wesfield Penrith Plaza. 

- The Officeworks.

- this is in Wallacia .
- Almost got hit by a storm in 
Glenmore Park while proselyting 
in this area.

               I've been able also to serve with the other missionaries in our area. We had 4 missionaries in our area with 1 set of Elder and 1 set of Sister. It's really great to serve with them in this area because I've also learned a lot from them. We had been working hard in this area especially with finding new people to teach with. We usually work with the members in the ward and with the less- actives and part-member in the families. Sometimes when we don't have anyone to visit with we just went like finding in the High St. Penrith which is really exciting.

 - this is me Elder Cecilio at the Minchinbury Chapel
with Sister Brown at the back.

- this is me with Sister Brown and Sister Lagalaga from Samoa. 

- One of the lookout in Wallacia.

- The Nepean River in Wallacia, NSW

- this is with my companion Elder George from Hamilton, New Zealand.
- This is Elder Kamoto from Hawaii, 
one of my flatmates.

- this is Elder Lowry from Idaho, USA, one of my flatmates also. 

- this is our car in Penrith area; the 2011 Toyota.
- this is us with Sister Lagalaga.

- The Penrith missionaries.
Elder Cecilio - Philippines
Elder George - New Zealand 
Sister Brown - Samoa
Sister Lagalaga - Samoa

- taking selfie photo with them. SMILE!
 - this is me with my companion again Elder George.

- on the way to our service with the Sisters. 

- at the Mulgoa Road waiting for the bus to get home. 
- at the District Meeting with Sister Lagalaga, Elder Clemente,Elder Chin Ah You and me Elder Cecilio.

- selfie photo again with them.

             Talking with everyone is one of the most weakness that I have especially because English is my 2nd language. But this is something that I loved doing right now because it helps me to get to know other people especially with their family. When we talk about their family, most people are really opened with us. It's also the best way also that we as missionaries share the important message that we have which is about Jesus Christ and His gospel and about the restored church. The message that we share is not only to individuals but most especially to families. Something that we believe in our church is that Families Can Be Together Forever and something that I know is true for myself.

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