Thursday, January 8, 2015

Temple Christmas Lights

          This month of December is a great season to be with our family and with our friends. It's Christmas time and most people often think this time what kind of gift are they gonna received from their family or friends. the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ's birth and how Heavenly Father did really show His love for us by sending Jesus Christ here on this earth. In John 3:16 and it says; " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life". We should always show our gratitude to our Heavenly Father all the time. 

 - The Sydney Australia Temple.

- a side view photo 
of the temple.

          We had a Temple Christmas Lights in our mission, in a fact that the Sydney Australia Temple is in our mission. We had the opportunity as missionaries in our mission to work in the temple in a scheduled night that we have. I'm so grateful to work there for 2 nights and be able to feel the Spirit of Christmas. 

           These are some of the art show of the Life of Jesus Christ :

 - the birth of Jesus Christ.

- when Jesus Christ did a miracle by healing the blind to see. 

- Jesus Christ preaching to His 12 Apostles.
- Joseph Smith's
 First Vision.

             We had a video of the nativity, an art show of the Life of Jesus Christ, a scenery of the nativity and most especially the wonderful lights that makes it more really amazing. We are to guide the people to the Buckland house for the art show of the Life of Jesus Christ and to let them watch the video of the nativity. Many people did really come to the temple lights and most of them are their first time being on the temple lights.

- this is me at the Buckaland House.

- this is me with Sister Kaakau from Kiribati and Sister Puletasi from Samoa. 

      These are some of the wonderful photos in the Temple Christmas Lights.

- this is what the Temple looks
 like at night . so wonderful!

           Something that I learned from this Christmas is when one of the member in our ward taught me the true meaning of the word "JOY". We were sitting in the table to share a lesson with their family and then we saw a serviette in the table with the word JOY in it. Then she told us; "You know what Elders! the word Joy represents 3 people: Jesus , Others and You. It was amazing to know how the word represents that 3 people and I was then reminded of the story in the New Testament in Matthew 22:36-39. We are to love the Lord thy God with all our HEART, and with all our SOUL, and with all our MIND. We are also to love our neighbour as thyself as what the Lord hath commanded us to do.

 - this is me Elder Cecilio.

- this is me with my companion Elder George from Hamilton, New Zealand.

- the Buckland House.

- this is me with Lucas , Ivie and Mia at the Temple lights.
- selfie photo with the Figueroa Family.

- this is me with Elder Brown from New Zealand. 

- this is me with Sister Pomate from Samoa.

- this is me at the Emu Plains Chapel.

                I hope that all of us did really have a wonderful Christmas this year of 2014 and be able to begin the year 2015 with a new journey to face with. This year will be an exciting part for me because of the goals that I did set for myself for this year. I know that I will really learn a lot with this year and I know that God is always there for me all the time.

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