Sunday, February 1, 2015

Penrith Zone Special Training / Happy 21st Birthday

              It's been a busy week with us this week and we had a hectic schedule everyday. We had our Penrith Zone Special Training, a wedding to attend with one of our investigator, and my birthday which is the same day as our special training. The days that we have this week were really planned and then something that we did is just go into the flow.

                        We had our special training last January 29, 2015 which is also my birthday that day. The missionaries in our zone greeted me a Happy Birthday and also Pres. and Sis. Howes do the same thing. I was surprised when all of them sing a happy birthday for me which is really unexpected. It's really a great day because the training that we had on that day is really amazing. The training were all about focusing on being a baptismal focus missionary which is really good. The missionaries in our zone that were assigned to give training did really trained us well about how should we teach our investigator with love and listening with love. 

- this is me with Elder George, Sister Lagalaga,
Sister Leauanae and Sister Metta.

- The Penrith Elders and Emu Plains Sisters.

- Lunch time! We had nachos, chili con carne, corn bread, watermelon and then brownies . The food that we have is really good.
- Sister Brown, Sister Lagalaga and then
Sister Leauanae and they are all from Samoa.

- this is me with the Richmond Sisters : Sister Agaava- Faanoi and then Sister Pomate.

I love how they focus it on that thing and I think that it will really enhance our capability as a good messenger of the truth. It will help us to invite more into baptism and to follow the way that Jesus Christ did. We also had a game that day with our Preach My Gospel and it is really cool. We got 2 districts in our zone and we did really compete well with the game. Our mission president give us a training with the same thing about being a baptismal focus missionary which is so good.

- this is me with Elder Chin Ah You from Tahiti.
- with Sister Brown and Lagalaga, Elder George
 and then Elder Clemente

- The Penrith Zone Missionaries.

After our zone special training,we then went back to the flat and then prepare for our dinner appointment with the members. We went to the Smith Family tonight and we had wrapped ( kebabs ) with them for dinner. It's really cool how your create your own food with the wrapped. They just give us the ingredients and then the Lebanese bread and it's up to us what to put on it. They also knew that it's my birthday and they also bought some cake and ice cream for my birthday.The funny thing about my birthday  is that they don't have any number candle to put on the cake . The only candle that they have is the no. 6 and they also have number 15. They just put the 15 and 6 together and with the plus sign on it using the toothpick and the two number will be then 21.

- It's my 21st Birthday!
- this is me Elder Cecilio.

- I don't know how to sliced a cake so 
I just let my companion to sliced it then.

              It's kind of weird for me being 21 years old right now and I really don't feel it yet. One of my best friend who's in the mission send me a mail and one story that he mention to me is about marriage which really makes me laugh. In his family, he's the only who is not married and one of his brother told him that he should get married soon after his mission. Hahahah!!!

- this is me with the Smith Family.They are really cool!
- this is me with Sis. Debra Smith, Bro. Terry Smith 
and with their two lovely daughters
Sariah and Scarlet.

We also went to the Said family after that day and we also celebrate my birthday even though it's already done. They bought me some cake and they give me a gift which is gummies and I really love it. We then went to the Claremont Meadows flat that night cause we have trade - offs with them and I will be working in their area with Elder Lonitenisi from Tonga.

- at the Warragamba Dam. The farthest place in our area.

- A nice view from the dam.

- beautiful weather out here !

 - this is me at the Said Family and with my companion
and this time I got no. 5 for my birthday.

- this is me with David , Juliana, Caila and Michelle. They are an awesome family.
- this is me with my companion Elder George.

 - this is Elder Lonitenisi from Tonga
reading with his scriptures.

- he's dead! nope ... he's just having some rest from our service and biking...

- this is the skuxx Elder Chin Ah You
from Tahiti .

                We had a good week this time because Bro. Said did really come to church this Sunday and it's also a fast and testimony Sunday. The members in the ward were able to share their spiritual experiences with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They also bore their own testimony of the church and about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This new week that we have is the last week of our transfers and we had a hectic schedule this time. We had a Temple P-day this Tuesday and we also had a Penrith Zone Service this time at Leura near Blue Mountains which will be cool. I hope that I will enjoy this last week of the transfer here in Penrith.

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