Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Conference

            This last week that we had was kind of hectic because of the busy schedule that we have in the mission. We got heaps of things to do in the mission this week with the Temple P-day, Mission Christmas Conference and also with the Temple Christmas Lights that we have. I enjoyed myself last week being in the temple because I did really feel the Spirit in the temple and love of a loving Heavenly Father.

          Last Thursday the 18th of December 2014, we had our Mission Christmas Conference at the Baulkham Hills Chapel with the Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Central Coast, Penrith and Suburbs Zone. We got like 9 zones in our mission and the other 4 zones already did their conference last Tuesday. We wake up so early that day to drive down to Baulkham Hills but suddenly we almost got late because we got stuck in a traffic in M4 express way which is no good. 

         Our Christmas conference started with talks from the other missionaries which is so good. Our mission president, his wife and the assistants give us a training about the apostasy, reformation and restoration. Their training was so smashed and I did really learned heaps with it. We then went to the cultural hall to watch the video titled " Luther " which is one of the great reformist. We watch the halfway of the video and then we did eat our lunch at the hall.

                                      - the 3 Filipinos in the mission Elder                               Cecilio ( Butuan ), Elder Escabarte ( CDO )
                     and Elder Clemente ( Tacloban ).

- with Elder Reiner from Germany.

     - this is me with Elder Tangulu from Tonga.

- this is me with Sister Leauanae and 
Sister Pomate from Samoa.

- with Sister Pomate
 from Samoa. 
- this is Sister Leauanae and 
Sister Pomate again from Samoa.

- this is Elder George from New Zealand and the 2 Samoan sisters again.
- this is me with my companion 
Elder George from New Zealand.

- this is me with  Sister Pomate from Samoa and Sister Bane from Nevada,USA . 
- with Elder Chin Ah You from Tahiti and
 Elder Han from USA.

- this is me with the Sister Sopo from Samoa, Sister Fa'anunu from New Zealand, Elder Han at the back from USA, Sister Masima from Tonga and 
Sister Beria from Kiribati. 

- this is Sister Brown, Sister Lagalaga and then Sister Faimanifo from Samoa.
- with the 3 Samoan Sisters and
 Elder Nikua from Tonga.

- It's dessert time with them Sister Brown, Sister Beria, Sister Sopo, Sister Lagalaga, Sister Faimanifo, Elder Nikua and Elder Clemente. 

- this same picture with the other one.
- with Elder Punu (Tahiti), Elder Leak ( Maryland, USA)
Sister Metta (PNG), Sister Brown (Samoa), Elder Cecilio(Philippines) Elder Tetauira (Tahiti), Elder Tangulu (Tonga) and then Sister Metta (PNG).

- Sister Sopo from Samoa and Sister Beria from Kiribati.

                After eating our lunch, we went back watching the movie again and it was really good. We went back to the chapel again for the talent portion and it really went well with the talented missionaries that we have in the mission. Most of the missionaries use their talent in singing and also some of those presented their wonderful sketch of the Savior Jesus Christ and our mission president. We then watch the mission video that we have for this year which is so cool. Our Mission Christmas Conference ended so good and then we take pictures with the missionaries in our mission.
- Sister Metta from PNG, Sister Lagalaga from 
Samoa ,Sister Sopo from Samoa and then 
Sister Fa'anunu from New Zealand.

-this is me with Sister Brown from Samoa.

- this is me with Sister Sopo from Samoa.
                  - Sister Fa'anunu from New Zealand 
                      and Sister Masima from Tonga.

                        - this is me with my 2nd companion
  in the mission Elder Neilsen from 
Delta, Utah, USA.

- this is me with Elder Neilsen and Elder Keefer from USA. 

-this is me with Elder Escabarte from CDO, Philippines.
                    - this is me with Elder Gibb from Utah , USA and with Sister Lagalaga from Samoa.

-this is me with Elder Lowry at the back, Sister Lagalaga, Elder Tangulu and Elder Escabarte.
 -this is me with Elder Williams from Melbourne.

-this is me with Pres. Howes our Mission President.

- this is me with Elder Tangulu and Sister Hakalo from Samoa. 

- with Elder Tangulu again and with Sister Faimanifo from Samoa.
-with Sister Hakalo and Elder George. 

- with Sister Metta. 

-with Sister Beria from Kiribati, Sister Turina from Tahiti and Sister Jimmy from Vanuatu.

- selfie picture with the sisters.

- with Sister Lowe from Australia.

- selfie picture again with the Sisters. 
 -with Elder Escabarte.

- this is me with Sister Agavaa -Faanoi from Samoa.

 - this is me with Elder Han from USA. A Korean speaking missionary.

          This is my last Christmas mission conference in the mission cause next year i'll be with my family for Christmas. I did really enjoy that day and I will totally cherished all this moments that I have in the mission.

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