Thursday, December 18, 2014

Penrith Ward Activity

               Last Saturday 13th of December 2014 was the Penrith Ward Christmas Activity which is so cool. But before anything else, we meet with the Sister missionary  at the chapel to do our progress record for the Ward Council Meeting that we have for the Sunday morning. We were able to discuss all the less-active members and investigators that we are working with. 

 -the Penrith Ward missionaries.
-this is me with Elder George from New Zealand, Sister Brown from and Sister Lagalaga from Samoa.

- this is me writing our Progress Record for the Ward Council Meeting.
-with Sister Brown and Sister Lagalaga from Samoa.

          The Penrith ward Christmas party went so good and the the sad thing is that I did not take more photos on that night. Many members did really attend on that night and we also got like 6 non-members in the Christmas party which is so cool. The members went talking with this non-member which make them feel welcome in the ward. There were heaps of foods that night and it's because of the members that bring their own food that night.

-at the Emu Plains Chapel.

-Sister Brown and Sister Lagalaga.
-this is me with Sister Lagalaga and Elder George.

 - blowing up the balloons for the kids.
- this is Elder George with the balloon ..

- Sister Lagalaga and Sister Brown with Summer.

- the guards at the Candy Shop with our Bishop Rance, Sister Lagalaga and me.

- can't wait to have some of these lollies.

The most exciting part at that night was the skits that the members have done for the Christmas party. The ward had divided themselves into  3 areas for the skits which are the South Penrith, Cranebrook and Glenmore Park. Each area did really do a good job with their skits which is so good. My companion and I were also involved in the skits with the Glenmore Park area and as the same thing we are the missionaries. That night went so good and we went home with a happy faces.

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