Thursday, December 18, 2014

Penrith and Hebersham Zone Conference

                This last week seems to be very hectic because of the busy schedule that we have. We had a Zone Conference last week with the Penrith and Hebersham Zone at the Minchinbury chapel. It's very nice to have this kind of conference with the talks and training that will be given for us with  the other missionaries and with our Mission President and his wife.
-Penrith and Hebersham Zone photo.

           It was also good because I could also see some of my friends in the mission from the Hebersham Zone. The night before that, I got a call from the assistants to the President telling me that Pres. Howes had asked me to give a training for the zone conference. I was assigned to give a training about " Why PRAYER is an essential part to CONVERSION ? I did really prepare myself on that day and it really went good also.
- this is me with my trainor Elder Laurenson.

 - with Elder Brown from                  New Zealand.
          -this is me with Sister                Puletasi from Samoa. 
- this is me with Sister Brown from Samoa.

-this is Sister Puletasi and 
Sister Leauanae from Samoa.

                                      -with Elder Despain from USA.

             As an individual, when we tend to go to a certain place with our car, we used the GPS ( Global Positioning System) that will help us to get to that place.

         One of the best tool that God had given for us as part of our conversion is PRAYER. Through prayer, it will give us the guidance and will provide us a way, an answer to our questions and will lead us to our conversion. It also comes with praying with faith, having a sincerity and a real intent and with this we will see God's influence in our lives. 

         Prayer is an essential part to our conversion because it will help us or with our investigators to have a spiritual experiences through the help of the Holy Ghost and will help them received revelation for themselves.

-this is me with Sister Brown again. 

-this is me with Sister Turina
 from Tahiti.
-this is me with my District leader 
Elder Dean from Canada.

 - with Sister Kaakau from Kiribati.
                                                                            -with Elder Clemente from                                                      Tacloban Phils. and                                                          with Sister Dela Cruz From                                                            Cagayan Valley.

      I did not take heaps of photos that time so just bare with this. Next week's gonna be hectic again. Good luck!!

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